Useful Quotations Suitable for Planning Prayer Services

we can be together
and not meet
we can live in the same house day after day
sit at the same table
kneel at the same pew
read the same books
but never meet
we can kiss
gestures of love
apparent tenderness
but never meet
a meeting is a strange and wonderful thing
presence one person to another
present one to another
life flowing one to another
– Jean Vanier
Tears of Silence

Lewis Kamass, a rabbinical student, wrote this prayer
for the dedication of a Torah that survived the
Holocaust. May it be our prayer, too.
For the times when we saw another’s anguish,
But we could not bear the burden;
For the times when we gazed upon loneliness and fear,
And we withdrew our hands;
For the times when all we offered was the callousness
of indifference,
We ask your forgiveness.
And with this hope for forgiveness, we dare to hope for
strength in days ahead — that indifference may turn to
caring, and caring bring forth deed.
– Lewis Kamass

And the Lord said
Love your neighbor
And I said “Who me?”
And the Lord said yes you.
And I said
“I’m really very busy
And besides I have my hands full
just taking care of my own.”
And the Lord said
“Love your neighbor, not only the good
one but the bad one too.”
And I said “Are you kidding? I don’t want to!”
And the Lord said “I didn’t ask if you wanted to”.
And I said “Lord, but I don’t like him, He’s mean, and,
I can’t trust him.”
“He’ll make a fool of me. And other people don’t like him either.”
And the Lord said “My commandment is to Love your neighbor”.
And I said “Do I have to?”
And the Lord said “Yes, if you love me.”
And I said “Lord, It will be risky I might get
hurt, I can’t do it by myself.”
The Lord said “Where do you think I will be?”
And I said “Lord you never give up do you?”
And the Lord said “No, I never give up.”
And I said “Don’t you ever get tired?”
And the Lord said “Yes, I get very tired.”
And I said “Then why?”
And the Lord said “Because I love you.”
And I said “Lord I love you too.”

And the Lord said “You can only really love me if you
love one another as I love each one of you.”
adapted from an original
work by Lois Rensberger

If you are preoccupied with people who are talking
about the poor, you scarcely have time to talk to the
poor. Some people talk about hunger, but they didn’t
come and say, “Mother, here is five rupees. Buy food
for these people.” But they can give a most beautiful
lecture on hunger. I had the most extraordinary
experience once in Bombay. There was a big conference
about hunger. I was supposed to go to that meeting and
I lost the way. Suddenly I come to that place, and
right in front of the door to where hundreds of people
were talking about food and hunger, I found a dying
I took him out and I took him home.
He died there.
He died of hunger.

And the people inside were talking about how in fifteen
years we will have so much food, so much this, so much
that, and that man died.
See the difference?
– Mother Teresa
Words to Love By

“We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God
makes our next door neighbor…. We have to love our
neighbor because he is ‘there’…He is the sample of
humanity which is actually given us. Precisely because
he may be anybody he is everybody. He is a symbol
because he is an accident.”
– Mother Teresa

“Know that you are on your path
and do not ask for a description of it.
Each moment follows the previous moment
and all your triumphs and failures,
your good luck and bad luck,
have brought you to right here, right now,
Do not question or evaluate this moment.
Enjoy it. Accept it.
It has taken you all your life to get here.
Relax, and trust the self that has brought you this far
You will receive your next assignment soon;
and you will know it when you receive it.”
– Paul Williams

To laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people
and the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of old and new friends;
To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others,
To leave the world a better place, whether by a healthy
child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition,
To know one life has breathed easier because you have
This is to have succeeded.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Guide us as we move through life and grow individually,
yet together. Fill our hearts with love and give us the
ability to express it to one another. Help us to turn
to each other for strength and touch our lives with
understanding. Lead us through times of trouble and
give to us the strength to do as needed. Help us to
earn each others trust and give us the ability to
forgive when hurt. Let us share our smiles and sorrows
to care and give unselfishly. We in turn shall do our
best to live our lives as family.
– Anon

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