Fray Luis de Leon (1527-1591)

Fray Luis de Leon (1527-1591) was born in Cuenca from a jew family. He studied in Madrid, Valladolid and Salamanca as a disciple of the humanist Melchor Cano.

There he ingressed in Saint Agustine Order in 1544. He studied hebrew and was a master of Theology in 1558. A year later he became a chairman in Salamanca. His ideas, literary works, personality and rivality against dominics got him beetween 1572-1577 an inquisitorial trial. Out of prison, he retook his lessons -as it is well-known- with the phrase “Yesterday, saith we…”

Beetween 1582 and 1584 he was victim of a new trial, but he got to be provincial of his Order. He died in Madrigal de las Altas Torres.

Trials and pains in his life made him a bad-tempered man, even an agressive one.

He wrote works in latin, translations to spanish from this language, from greek and from hebrew and, of course, spanish works. We keep an apology of castilian prose in his dialogue About Christ’s Names and his original spanish poems, that were underlooked by himself. They were published by Quevedo as a model for stylistic elegance.

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