Ongoing Formation Commission

The Augustinian On-going Formation Commission
The On-going Formation Commission was set up by the Chapter of the Irish Province to promote the on-going formation of Augustinians and Laity. In 2008 we embarked on a four year programme intended to re-invigorate and re-evangelise the province members with the title ‘Hearing the Gospel again for the first time’. This programme will conclude in Easter 2011 with a visit to the Holy Land. By now we are well into the programme, with over 40 participants, Augustinians and fellow workers attending each session. Central to the whole process is the dialogue that takes place between participants, and this is facilitated by Sarah Barry.
Our first gathering  took place in November 14th 15th 2008 when  John Waters and Dr. Eugene Duffy  spoke to issues of faith today, listening to our times and attending to our culture. The second gathering  took place 19th -21st February 2009 with the title: ‘What do you want me to do for you? Mark – A gospel for a Church in crisis’. The presentations for this session were made by Dr. Kieran O’Mahony o.s.a  and Sean Goan. The aim was to name the quality of faith and action needed today to respond to Jesus’ question, ‘What do you want me to do for you now?’ The third gathering took place in October 29th -30th and was given by Dr. Michael Drumm.  Michael reflected on the Gospel narratives of Encounter with the Risen Christ and what they mean to us at a personal level. He also reflected on the first four Councils and challenged us to rethink what these original doctrines mean for our time.
The next gathering  will take place on the 25th – 27th February 2010. James Corkery S.J and Cathy Molloy are the speakers for this session. Cathy is a theologian and works with the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice. James Corkery works in the Milltown Institute. This is a third level College in Dublin, for the study of Theology, Philosophy and Spirituality. He has just published a book on Pope Benedict’s theology. We look forward to another enjoyable and reflective session.
Flor O’Callaghan o.s.a. (Chairman of the On-going Formation Commission)

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