Prayers to Saint Rita of Cascia

Saint Rita

Oh God, who in your goodness gave us St. Rita the grace to love all those who injured her; to have her heart ever devoted to Jesus Christ, our Saviour; and her forehead wounded from thought of His suffering, grant, we beseech You, that through her intercession and merits we also may fully pardon our enemies. Keep us ever mindful of the promise of Our Lord that those who take up their cross daily will be called his disciples. Give us the strength to hope in your mercy and protect our families and loved ones. We ask this through the same Christ Our Lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

Saint Rita

Lord, your servant St. Rita never lost patience in spite of her many trials; may we never cause offence or provoke anger in others. Father in heaven, you granted to St. Rita a share in the passion of Your Son. Through life and example of St. Rita may we learn to put or trust in the cross of Christ, to endure our suffering with patience and to enter more deeply into the paschal mystery of Your Son who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.

Saint Rita

O glorious Saint Rita, who shared in the sorrowful passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, obtain for me grace to suffer with resignation the trials of this life and assist me in all my necessities. Amen.

Saint Rita

O God, Who in Your Infinite tenderness has vouchsafed to regard the prayer of Your servant Rita, and grant to her supplication that which is impossible to human foresight, skill and effort, in reward of her compassion, love and firm reliance on Your promises, have pity on our adversities and succor us in our calamities, that the unbeliever may know You are the recompense of the humble, the defense of the helpless, and the strength of those who trust in You. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Saint Rita

My Lord and God, if it is your holy will, through the intercession of Saint Rita, whom we lovingly call ‘Saint of the Impossible’, and ‘Patroness of Hopeless Cases’, listen to my earnest pleading. As a loving wife and mother, Rita was close to the Heart of Jesus, as a young widow grieving for her husband and sons, she tasted her Gethsemane, as a cloistered Sister, she was blessed with the ecstasy of love, living her transparent life in palpable holiness. Rita of Cascia, you are now chosen to bear a mark of the Passion of our Saviour on your forehead, and you are now honored by the Church as a Saint, and so you have been taken to innumerable hearts as their special patroness in heaven. So great has been the love and gratitude you engendered, that your life has been adorned with stories of bees and roses, while all the time you are truly seen as a listening friend of wives and mothers, and sisters in the convent, and of young and old families. Lord, through Saint Rita, whose following in the footsteps of Jesus we hold dear, and whose patronage we cherish, grant now my petitions, and help me walk more closely with the Lord, the Blessed Mary, the Angels and all the Blessed and Saints in heaven. Amen.

Novena Prayers to Saint Rita

First Day

Saint Rita! I earnestly implore you to plead my cause before the throne of mercy.
You have been known as the ‘Saint of the Impossible’. By your intercession, you have obtained from God many and great favors for those in urgent need of Divine help.
I now ask you to obtain for me the gift of firm trust in the goodness of God, that I may always remember that God is a kind and generous Father to me, that He has a loving concern for my welfare.
Saint Rita, by your submission to God’s Will obtain my request.

Second Day

Saint Rita! Your life on Earth was one of many difficulties and severe temptations. It would have been an impossible life to live, only that the Grace of God sustained you.
I now ask you to obtain for me the gifts of always seeking the Grace of God, that I may be ever mindful of His promise to help me, that in temptation my prayer may be, Lord save me!

Third Day

Saint Rita! You were a model to your companions in your loyalty to obedience. You obeyed your parents even at the cost of great personal sacrifice, you obeyed your husband, though he ill- treated you, as a nun you obeyed your Superior in every detail of religious life.
I now ask you to obtain for me the spirit of obedience, that I may cheerfully obey my superiors at home and at work, that I may always respect the Teaching Authority of the Church, that I may always remember that my saviour was obedient unto death- for love of me.
Saint Rita! By your constant obedience, obtain my request.

Fourth Day

Saint Rita! Your parents were known as the ‘Peacemakers of God’. Wherever there was discord, they entered that home and, by gentle words and prayers, established peace, and throughout your life you imitated their example.
I now ask you to obtain for me the gift of peace, peace of a good conscience, peace of mind, peace in my home, peace at my work and with my companions, that in distress and worry I may always ask my Saviour to grant me the peace He has guaranteed.
Saint Rita! By your love for peace, obtain my request.

Fifth Day

Saint Rita! You gave to all an example in your generous forgiving in those who injured you. When your husband was murdered you openly proclaimed full forgiveness for the murderer, and you constantly prayed for his conversion.
I now ask you to obtain for me the spirit of true forgiveness for those who injure me, that I may always remember the command of Our Lord, ‘Pray for your enemies, do good to them that hate you’, that I may be ever mindful of His great promise, ‘Forgive, and you shall be forgiven’.
Saint Rita, generous in forgiving, obtain my request.

Sixth Day

Saint Rita! Suffering and sorrow were your companions throughout life. Patiently and cheerfully you accepted every trial. You had learnt the secret of a happy life, to unite your sufferings to those of our Saviour. The Crucifix was ever before your eyes, from it you drew strength and consolation.
I now ask you to obtain for me the gift of patience in suffering, that I may ever remember that God permits only that amount of sorrow to enter my life which, with His Grace, I can bear, that, in suffering, my prayer may always be, ‘Passion of Christ, strengthen me’.
Saint Rita, by your compassion for Jesus Crucified, obtain my request.

Seventh Day

Saint Rita! Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament was the mainstay of your life. You had learned from your mother to receive Him so reverently in Holy Communion. To Our Lord in the blessed Sacrament you unite yourself, so that you showed in your life His promise, ‘He that eats My Flesh abides in Me and I in him’.
I now ask you to obtain for me a deep reverence for our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, that I may worthily receive Him in the Sacraments of His Love, that I may always treasure His Divine Presence.
Saint Rita, by your love for the Blessed Sacrament, obtain my request.

Eight Day

Saint Rita! From your childhood you cultivated that spirit of prayer. You pondered on the meaning of the Our Father and Hail Mary, you filled your mind with the message of the gospels, you learned the secret of prayer, a humble conversation with God.
I now ask you to obtain for me the spirit of prayer that I may always speak to God from my heart that I may cherish prayerful ejaculates that I may ever remember that I lave in the presence of God.
Saint Rita, by your spirit of prayer, obtain my request.

Ninth Day

Saint Rita! Throughout your life you were ever concerned with the practice of Charity. You were meek and gentle, you were kind and compassionate, you did not spare yourself in bringing help to others.
I now ask you to obtain for me the spirit of Charity, that I may always remember that this is the greatest virtue that I may ever strive to be kind in thought, word and deed, that I may, in all things, love others for the love of God.
Saint Rita, by your spirit of Charity, obtain my request.

Other Prayers to Saint Rita

Holy Patroness of those in need, Saint Rita whose pleadings before our Divine Lord are favorably received, who has been called the Advocate of the Hopeless and Impossible cases, be generous to your suppliants and show your power with God on their behalf. Be lavish of your favors now, as you have been in so many wonderful cases, for the greater glory of God, the spreading of your devotion, and the consolation of those who trust in you.

For Patience In Sickness

O Glorious Saint Rita, model of patience, I ask you by your love for your suffering Saviour, which helped you to endure pain and sorrow patiently, to obtain for me the grace that I may accept my sickness willingly from the hands of God and be patient unto the end. I desire by practicing perfect patience to be conformed to Christ in His suffering and that my suffering may become fruitful foe eternal life. Amen.

A Husband’s Prayer

O Glorious Saint Rita, by the holiness of your life you so influenced your husband, that he conquered the harshness of his nature, and became a devoted husband and father. Pray that I may steadfastly follow the path of right reason and love. Never let me stray into the ways of selfishness and vice. Help me to be always an example of true religious life in word and deed. May I thus become ever more worthy to reflect in my own family the authority which Christ holds in the Church, an authority of truth, support and eternal salvation. Amen.

A Wife’s Prayer

O Glorious Saint Rita, you fulfilled the duties of wedlock with loving fidelity through eighteen years of married life. Pray for me that I may bear the same burdens as a yoke of love and peace. Never allow the evil one to turn my mind and heart to unholy designs. Help me to be faithful and modest, devoted to my husband with sincere love and given to the care of my family in patience and prudence. Make me follow in your footsteps and imitate the example of holy women. Amen.

Prayer For The Blessing Of Children

O Glorious Saint Rita, your coming into the world brought joy and happiness to the hearts of your parents who had prayed so long for a child. I pray now for the same favour. Obtain for me the joy of parenthood. I promise to accept the child as a sacred trust from the hands of God and to do everything to promote its eternal salvation. Amen.

Prayer For Religious Vocation

O Glorious Saint Rita, you heard God’s call to the religious life in your early youth and remained faithful to it through many years of altogether different tasks and experiences. Look down upon the many young people whom God has marked with a religious vocation. Help them to hear God’s call and to remain faithful to this Divine invitation. Let not worldly interests and pleasures obscure their minds and dull the tender feelings of their hearts, but keep awake in them the idea of the evangelical counsels for a life in close imitation of the Word of God in human flesh. Amen.

Prayer In Bereavement

O Glorious Saint Rita, you suffered the sorrows of bereavement at the death of your husband and children. Look upon me in my present sorrow at the loss of my ……….. and obtain for me the grace of true Christian resignation and consolation. Amen.

Prayer For Students

O eternal and ineffable God, Who dispose with admirable order and harmony all of creation and Who art the Source of all knowledge and wisdom, and have enlightened our minds with the splendor of Faith; design to infuse into my intellect a spark of our darkness of my ignorance, a consequence, I know, of original sin.
The inspired words You dictated, speak of the eloquence You give to the tongues of children; give me that power of speech, and put your words into my mouth. Grant me in learning, a keen facility in retaining what I learn, and the talent of right interpretation.
O my Immaculate Mother, Seat of Divine Wisdom, be my Madiatrix with God and dear Saint Rita, intercede also for me, that I obtain, above all, that beginning of wisdom which is the fear of God, and from there reach Christian perfection.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Driver’s Prayer

Lord, grant me firm hands and vigilant eyes so that My driving will not disturb the peace or bring suffering to others. I pray, Lord, also, for those who are with me. Protect them from harm, from fire and accident.
Teach me to use my car for the welfare of others. Help me to understand that I must not sacrifice the beauty of creation, (Which Is Life) to my love of speed. Teach me to travel with joy, making courtesy my companion, along the road of life, mindful that life is Your Sacred Gift. St. Rita Protect us.

Prayer For An Expectant Mother

Lord God, Creator of all things, just and merciful, good and loving as no one else can be, you prepared the body and soul of the glorious Virgin Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit, to be a worthy dwelling place for Thy Son, listen to the fervent prayer I make through the intercession of St. Rita our Saint of the impossible, that the longing desire of my heart may be realized and no harm may befall the child in the womb. With your compassionate hand, help me in my labour and may my baby see the light of day and grow to be a healthy child, born again to grace, and one day enjoy eternal life. I make this my prayer through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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