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My readers threaten not to read IAN if I include too many long articles – I don’t know how they cope with recent 1st Readings from Samuel!
I began putting together IAN,  just after the 2007 Mid-chapter. To date we have produced 32 monthly editions, plus 3 “Holly Bough” editions at Christmas 2007, 2008 and 2009. All are available on the Cork website:
(See main menu – Irish Augustinian News).
I gather all the material from a great variety of contributors, the odd Sunday bulletin and various websites plus local papers. Most of my material comes by way of e-mail so its just a matter of cutting and pasting.
I am very fortunate to have Fr Peter Galus, Polish Chaplain in residence with us here in Cork. He is a pure genius when it comes to handling photographs. He can scan, reduce photos that are e-mailed in all forms and sizes, and adjust them so that our readers can down load IAN on an average laptop.
When the magazine is finally put together I send is to John O’Connor in Abbeyside, who does the proof reading. My nephew David, a student of English comes in and we print it on our photocopier. We can plug laptop into photocopier and print 4 A4 sheet on 100gm A3. I was very fortunate to get help from Pat Codd OSA, and he gave me all his OSA , PNL addresses. We mail about 140 hard copies to all our houses in Ireland, England, Scotland, Rome, Australia, Korea, Ecuador Kenya, Nigeria and USA. David sends e-mail attachments to about 130 OSA’s, ex-OSA’s and friends of the Order.
I enjoy my work, in fact get a great buzz from it every month. One decision made early on was not to wait for anyone, to just get on with it and try to get it out at the beginning of each month. Thank God I usually have plenty of material to do same.
New contributors are always welcome. So if you read this article and haven’t written to me yet! What about a  new resolution, and do something for IAN?
Anyone who would like to write something for this magazine is welcome to contribute
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