Celebrations at St. Columcille’s Well

This afternoon, the 8th of June, the feast of St. Columcille was celebrated at the holy well dedicated to him on Oldcourt Road, Dublin. The feast actually falls on the 9th but for many years now it has been celebrated on the Sunday closest to the feastday. This well, close to the gate of Orlagh, for many years the home of the Augustinian Novitiate, has been tended for many years by the Augustinians. It is a small well that has a long history that stretches back to the life of St. Columcille himself who, it is said, spent a night there on his way to Glendalough.
About 100 people took part in the festivities this year which were centred around an ecumenical prayer service led by Rev. Horace McKinley (Whitechurch Church of Ireland); Fr. Eanna OhObain o’carm, Parish Priest of Knocklyon who was the preacher; and Fr. Noel Hession OSA, representing the Augustinians. Other members of the local clergy from Orlagh, Firhouse and Rathfarnham were in attendance together with many people from each of the parishes.
Before the prayer service there was a very informative Nature Walk around the site which was enjoyed by all the “early comers”.
Heavy rain immediately before the event gave way to wonderful sunshine which helped people to enjoy things all the more. After the prayer service there was singing led by members of the choir from the Augustinian Parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Ballyboden.
Why not check out the photos of the event on the slide show on the home page or else visit the gallery section of the page.
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